Pakalolo Restaurant - Table View
Pakalolo Restaurant - Table View

Soft Drinks and Coffee / Tea at Pakalolo Table View

Coke R14
Coke Light R14
Soda Water R14
Dry Lemon R14
Lemonade R14
Ginger Ale R14
Tonic Water R14
Tomato Cocktail R18
Fresh Fruit Juices R23
Appletiser R25
Grapetiser R25
Mineral Water (Still or sparkling) R15
Red Bull R24
Red Bull Sugar Free R24
The Red Edition from Red Bull R24
The Silver Edition from Red Bull R24
The Blue Edition from Red Bull R24
Freshly Squeezed Healthy Juice (make your own)
Apple, celery, carrot, ginger, cucumber, orange, pineapple
Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana or Coffee


Coffee & Tea Selection

Coffee Americano R15
Cappucino R17
Espresso R15
Double Espresso R23
Café Latte R21
Ice Coffee (crushed ice or cubes) R24
Hot Chocolate R24
Irish Coffee (Bells) R33
Dom Pedro (Bells or Amarula) R33
Rooibos Tea (Pot) R14
Ceylon Tea (Pot) R14
Chococcino R26